Well, it looks like Tim Labesis got six years.

All this job stuff really stresses me out.

I’m feeling pretty nervous about this whole job thing. Like, it seemed great at first but is it something I want to stick with?


is this about the winchesters


is this about the winchesters

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At my fist job shadow and I dont know if it would be worth taking or not because I have already done sales but I dont know what the job tomorrow will be like. How can I decide? Maybe I should have went for something else? Blehh I dont know!

So I finally got a call back for a second interview. On the downside, the job is really far and I cant do it on Tuesdays :\

So apparently the only class I needed to get my degree was Management of Information. But according to the class search, the class is never listed anywhere.

Video Games in Real Life

By David Expósito

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Also, I forgot to mention. I played 4 Burning Tree Emissaries in a row on turn 2 during one match. First time it’s ever happened and it was epic!

Today was so great. First, I hung with Shawn for the first time in like four months and we played Modern together. I went 2-1 and he went 1-2. I got $8 store credit and got a few more cards for my EDH deck. Now I’m only like 2 cards away from completing it. I tested it out with proxies and it does extremely well against other decks. Also, Shawn gave me his Pokemon Y as a graduation gift. Lastly, my girlfriend flies in in about six hours. I should get some rest because of that.

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